Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quickie Review - Marty has Beef! And Chicken too!

So today I was a little annoyed at work, and whenever I get annoyed I want to eat. So I decided to hit a place I have eaten at a few times in the last 2 months, Cafe Marty. A small privately chef owned restaraunt hidden in Maitland, this place specializes it seems in BBQ. And they do it pretty darn well.

The few times prior to today that I have gone I have gotten their sandwiches, which are large and tasty (my fav being the Pulled Pork sammich!) Today however I came in and found a $10 All you can eat Lunch Buffet that involved Prime Rib, Turkey, Pork, and a few other things. I paid my $10 and believe me I was not let down. I almost slosh with the amount of food I ate.

The other items were some baked ziti (good stuff), mashed potatoes with some chedder on top, and a salad and soup offering. I got a little of each meat, some potatoes and pasta and sat down to enjoy. The prime rib? Awesome! The Turkey? Juicy and delicious. The Pork? Probably the weakest member because it was a bit too fatty for my liking. My only major complaint was that the food was a tad on the cold side. I think he needs to increase the wattage on his heat lamps or something.

For dessert he had 2 options: Banana Foster and Brownies. Lemme tell ya, the brownies were the way to go. The Banana was good (and I would eat it again) but man I could just devour those devilish brownies!

All in all, if you are in the Maitland area and want a quick tasty bite to eat, I heartily recommend Cafe Marty.

7/10 Rating!

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Anonymous said...

Cafe Marty became a new fave quite by accident. I just happened to pass it as the sky darkened and figured i'd give it a try in order to stay dry

What a pleasant surprise

A sparkling clean salad bar filled with some very different offerings like marinated artichoke and what tasted like homemade cucumber salad.

I'm a chicken lover and the BBQ Chicken was simply wonderful.

Next trip, I will try the Ribs which looked great