Monday, June 21, 2010

I pity the 'Pho'!

Clayton Says: So, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Foodies are back! In a way that is. We (Me and Dan) have decided to start back up, albiet much slower then before. Now, once a month or so we will review a place here in Orlando Florida and let you guys know if its worth it or not. We are moving also to a very simple "Out of 10" rating system to speed things up.

So lets start with the new review: Pho 88 Noodle House. Hidden in what amounts to Orlando's "China Town", Pho 88 specializes in Pho, a vietnamese noodle soup. Now me, personally, love soup. If I could only eat 1 thing for the rest of my life it would be soup, because you can do it in all sorts of ways.

So me and Dan went and attacked this noodle house with a vengence. When we got there, it was not terribly busy and were seated quickly, and got our drinks fairly quick as well. Instead of lemon in the water they used lime, but I barely tasted it. We perused the menu and were quickly confused. It was....long. Like nearly 200 items long. And everything was numbered, so you could just say "I want a 5, 25, and 103" and be done with it. Nice, I guess, but the simple fact was this: TOO MUCH STUFF! I mean, there were at least 10 versions of Beef Pho, and I think 2 or 3 of the Chicken, and I personally didn't even check out the other pages really beyond the appetizers.

I ended up getting us an appetizer of "Pork Rolls" which were these strange spring roll like things. Basically they were large rolls, made of Rice paper and filled with some rice noodles and veggies. Then, each roll had one long piece of pork which was hot, but the rest of the roll was cold. It was served with cold peanut sauce. I myself was not impressed with it. Its not my thing I guess.

The Pho then was served and I was amazed at the sheer size of the bowl. I had gotten the "regular" size as had Dan, and it was a huge bowl of soup. Along with our soup came a plate of stuff. I say stuff cause beyond the Bean Sprouts I have no effin clue what it was. I assume it was herbs, but...I just dunno. I did not use any of it and instead just dug into the soup.

The soup was fragrent and flavorfull, but at the same was odd. The 2 standout flavors were, of all things, cilantro and cinnamon! I have never had that in a soup that included beef brisket and ribeye steak! Dan's chicken soup had the same base flavors as well. In addition, the soup had green onion, but even eating the onions I couldn't taste em (A first for me!) because of the cinnamon and cilantro.

Overall, it was an extremely filling and inexpensive lunch (with appetizer I think my bill was $16ish) and was a very tasty dish. However, its not something I will be eating again soon simply because it was...odd to me. If you are used to these flavors then I highly recommend it.

I give it a solid 8/10 (Would visit again, just not soon)

Also sorry there are no pictures, we forgot the camera and this was originally just a spur of the moment thing!

Dan Says: I had some of the appetizer Clay ordered. It was chewy and tasted fresh. The pork was lean meat.

So for the main dish I ordered the Phở Gà-Thịt Trắng "Noodle with tasty, natural chicken broth and sliced white chicken meat" and I must say I was surprised at the size of the regular bowl.
These were some serious white chicken pieces, about the size of the palm of my hand, and below the chicken was delicious noodles. We were provided with bean sprouts and herbs in a seperate plate to add. I added some bean sprouts to the soup.

The taste was amazing, and the soup filled me. I rate it an 8


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