Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kohinoor - Indian Classics!

Sorry folks, but I didn't write an actual review this time. Dan did however, and I echo most of his sentiments, save for this: I preferred the Vegitarian stuff I sampled over the meat dishes (I had Lamb Vindaloo, which was ok).

Anyway, here is what Dan had to say (My scores match his)

Here I was entering into this brave indian food world, not knowing what to expect. It was weeks since I last attended a FF, and what better a way to get reintegrated than with a shocking and exotic mouthful of curry spice and culture?

The front stood out from the strip mall with its own decorative addition. The windows were tinted, possibly for privacy. I opened the door and looked straight up at the US flag hanging off the balcony. I dismissed any suspicions of cultural accomodation as a man up front seated us at a round, elegant table. I heard some jazzy sounds oozing from the speakers that I could not locate with my eyes, but I did see some Indian art in frames along the walls.

Menus were brought to us.

I ignored some of the graphic design travesties on the menu and ordered a Lamb Madras. As I waited for it, I drank a frothy mango shake that had a hint of milk in it. It was grainily textured going down but the taste made me not want to stop. It was gone in a minute's time.

When the Madras arrived, it was presented with great care and in ornate bowls. The accompanying rice with pilaf had a larger bowl of its own. I chose hot foolishly. The first chunk of lamb was deceptively mild and tender. Seconds into conversation with my fellow foodies I was reaching for a glass of water, and another, and then another. The burn had snuck up on me; a delayed effect you could call it.

After my sinuses and throat were full on burning I pressed on enough in spite to see victory. The cauldron-shaped bowl of hellfire-kissed lamb gone, my fists in the air, and a roar of triumph escaping me...

In my mind, at least.

We moved on to dessert. I ordered the Rice Pudding, described on the menu as:

An exotic Indian dessert made with basmati rice, almonds,
cashew nuts, raisins and milk garnished with pistachio powder.

Everything they described was there, and it was an exquisitely creamy dessert with a lingering milk cream taste that faded long after the spoonful was gone.

After the meal, I visited the highly accesible restroom and noticed the urinal was higher on the wall than any normal man could manage. The paper towel dispenser was empty and in marker said "please use the dryer," which was also placed rather high on the wall.
Taking a stroll through the restaurant area I noticed a rather consistent placement of wall art and tables. There was no disruption in theme, save for the enormous US flag. (seriously, I'm here because I want to take in your culture :/)

So the scores are...
Appetizer - N/A (sorry, folks. Couldn't manage it this time)
Entree - 4
Dessert - 5 (whoa)
Overall - 4 (It's like that culinary dominatrix you want to see over and over again.)

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