Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shakers Cafe

So today, on my own again, I visited a small local cafe called Shaker's Cafe. I had actually just purchased a brand new camera last night and really wanted to try it out, which prompted me to visit this location alone. It also helped that I was hungry and that since the place was not open on Sunday's neither Dan nor our usual photographer would be able to join me. Ah well.

Sadly I was unable to get a shot of the outside of the location as it sits right on the main drag of Edgewater Drive. Located south on Edgewater Drive just a bit before its intersection with Highway 50 in Orlando, the Shaker's Cafe is a small family owned American cafe. And when I say small I mean SMALL. The place could only hold at max about 50 people. Some of the tables, including the one I sat at, are extremely close to other tables. I assume that this is for ease of pushing the two together. But I digress.

The actual approach to the place isn't bad but all the parking is in the rear of the building. In fact, I got kinda confused trying to find the way to the parking lot once I found the place. Upon entering I was immediatly seated, and found the place to be quaint and kinda quiet. There was not an empty seat in the house once I sat down, and for the total hour I was there, it stayed that busy. So the locals nearby seem to love the place.

shakersmealI sat down and checked out their menu, which showed that they served both breakfast and lunch, and they closed at 2pm. My waitress came over and took my drink order, which was a really tasty class of fresh squeezed lemonade (they also had fresh squeezed apple juice, which is the first time I have seen that). When she came back I ended up ordering a Rueban with Pastrami, a cup of Vegetable Beef soup, and a side of potato salad. I didn't get a picture of the soup, but thats no major loss. Now, as you can see in the picture I got a bag of potato chips with my meal, which surprised me as I did not see that indicated on the menu. Had I known that I might have skipped the potato salad, which is that odd shaped scoop of white on the right. The potato salad was nothing special, but the texture was...unique. Like a combo of mashed and chunked potatos mixed with the standard potato salad mixture.

The soup was fairly standard, and while I could tell it was homemade and was loaded with veggies and some barely and the like, the flavor was sadly bland. I wouldn't order it again. Thankfully they change their soups daily depending on what they have on hand apparently. They had a crab bisque, a butternut squash soup, and a hungarian beef and cabbage soup as well on this fine day.

Now, on to my sandwhich. It was a fairly standard pastrami rueban. Once again, nothing special, but not bad. It was a bit smaller then I would have liked (the Perkins ruebans are bigger then this one, and a bit cheaper but not by much) but this one was made of higher quality meat in my opinion. My only issue with it was that the meat and saurkraut combined caused the bottom piece of bread to be kinda soggy. The chips were standard chips as you can see.

shakersdessertFinally I ended up getting some dessert. They had a few different options but what I was in the mood for was Carrot Cake, and they had some available and were actually touting it as the "special" dessert. I ordered a slice of it (To the right) and when I got it I stared. The thing was HUGE. I mean, it was bigger then my sandwich! Sadly however, it was not that great. The cake itself was kinda dry due to being kept in a nearly freezing case which I could see. Furthermore, they used really finely shredded carrot in the cake, which bunched up in spots and caused it to taste VERY odd to me. Kinda like I was eating a raw vegetable but with some other tastes mixed it. It tasted...dirty. Thats the only why I can describe it. When I ate the parts with frosting it tasted fine, except when I ran into those clumps of carrot.

All in all the Shaker's Cafe is a decent enough joint, small and quaint. And if you are curious about the name, its because they have hundreds of different salt and pepper shakers lining the walls around the cafe.

Ambiance/Style - Adequate
Service - Adequate

Soup - 3
Entree - 3
Dessert - 2
Overall - 2.5 (possibly revisit later)

For more information please visit their website.

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