Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Jazzy Dog Cafe

So today, I decide to take a little "surprise" adventure by myself to a small hot dog joint I found online called the Jazzy Dog Cafe. Sadly since I was alone I did not have my handy dandy photographer, so there are no pictures. Anyway, on to the review.

Firstly, upon reaching the actual location of the cafe I ran into a conundrum. Where to park? The cafe itself was right across the street from the local Amtrak station, and I was not able to park in the lot for the station. I drove around a bit and found that there was curbside parking near the cafe, but it was meter parking. Ah well, I popped $1.00 into the meter and got 1 hour 20 minutes of time. (Just a note, I spent only 30 minutes in the actual cafe).

Once inside I found I had to use the facilities, and found them to be very neat and clean. Once I was done and able to actually look around, I found that the place was quaint and well kept. I was greeted by an older woman and I found that she was one of the two owners. The other I met as well but she was off to cater a party. I sat down and was given a menu, and ended up ordering 3 things: The Jazzy Dog, which is their signature dog, a baked sweet potato with brown sugar, butter, and sour cream, and a knish.

The Jazzy Dog itself was a Sabrett dog with Blu Cheese Coleslaw and Sweet Potato mustard on it, and it sits in a pretzel roll. Sounds interesting doesn't it? I was determined to eat this, despite my reservations. I mean honestly...Blu Cheese Coleslaw and Sweet Potato Mustard? Who on earth came up with this?! Turns out I was in for a treat.

The hot dog, with all its components, is probebly one of the best hot dogs I have ever eaten. It was unique, and tasty. I devoured it first and foremost, ignoring my other options. It was THAT good. The beefyness of the dog went well with the sour of the slaw and the sweet of the mustard. I was just...amazed.

Next I dove into the Baked Sweet Potato. I have never had one of these, and with the toppings I chose (the Sour Cream, butter, and brown sugar) it came out tasting very sweet but not too sweet. It was kinda like a tasty dessert. It was well made and was definitly a fresh sweet potato.

The knish disappointed me. Its no fault of thiers, as the knish is a direct import from the Coney Island Knishs (as in the import them from the same company that makes the Coney Island knishs) but it just wasn't my thing. I should have asked for the greasless frier so the outside would have been crispy rather then...chewy. The taste was there but it just wasn't my taste.

All in all the Jazzy Dog Cafe was terrific, affordable, and very very unique. I got to chat with one of the owners the whole time I sat there, and the meal only cost me around $12, which considering what I got was a steal. (I got a drink which was $1.50 of that). Will I ever visit there again? You better believe it.

For more information please visit their Myspace Page.

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