Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini Update - A Mini Adventure at Lunch!

So this is a mini update of sorts. We all know what my mission is: To eat my way around Central Florida. Well today for lunch I went to the Winghouse with a coworker for the first time, and I found something I have never ever seen before.

Southern Fried Pickles.

I stared at them on the menu, trying to puzzle them out. A deep fried pickle? What kinda of madness was this?! Of course, I then remembered my new mission, to try new and exciting cuisine. I figured "Well, I am here and I am gonna eat anyway, might as well give em a shot!" So I ordered me some Fried Pickles.

Now sadly Dan and our photographer was not with me to sample these, nor take pictures. But just imagine: A Dill Pickle Spear covered in a light salty batter, bespeckled with pepper and seasonings. Now, imagine about 5 of those spears, in a basket. Add a small container of mystery sauce (seriously, I still have no idea what was in the sauce!) and there you have it. A batch of Southern Fried Pickles.

After eating them I could only think of one thing: They were BIZARRE. I mean, they were pickles, you could tell that much, but it was really strange to eat something like that after being batterfried. And the batter itself had a flavor too! It was a light dill flavor. The sauce didn't help either. Were they bad? Not really. But would I order them again? NO.

There are some things in this world that should not be deep fried.

On the positive side, I got to experience an adventure in the middle of my workday. Now I get to go back to training. Yay me.

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