Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fiddlers Green

Clay's Review:

Alright, for our first foray into the world of dining and eating we went to a place in Winter Park called Fiddlers Green. A quaint little Irish pub, I have known about it for a fair amount of time but never actually got the gumption to go into it. So when me and Dan decided to do this, I suggested this place for our first stop. The reason? So I can stop thinking about it and actually move on with my culinary journey dangit!

The parking I would say was decent, however, actually getting to the pub was a bit of a pain. The reason? The intersection. It was crazy and slightly complicated. Once we parked we went inside, and I found the place very pleasant to say the least. It was rustic, and had what I had always imagined a real pub would have: Hardwood floors, hardwood tables, unmatching light fixtures, and a setup for a band in one corner complete with a stack of amps and a piano. We waited for a little bit before someone told us we could seat ourselves, so we wandered thru the side room where 2 plasma/LCD TV's were and ended up in the main room in a corner booth. The seats were comfy despite the fact that they had no padding. Once again, real hardwood booth seating and tables.

Once we sat down, it took a bit for a waitress to show up. It wasn't long enough for me to go "Where the heck is our server?!" but it got close. We ordered our drinks and some appetizers and then waited. Our drinks were fairly prompt, however I drained mine quickly and had to wait a fair amount of time for a refill. This bothered me, but hey, I am a bit picky when it comes to service.

We chatted for a bit and then our appetizers came out. I had ordered Chicken Tenders, as I often do when confronted with the strange and unusual. I figure "Hey, if I don't like the grub at least I got some decent chicken." And boy was I right.

When the tenders arrived, I stared in mute amazement! I had 4 tenders but they were huge! At least twice the size of most chicken tenders I am used to seeing. They came with a "honey and mustard" sauce (thats what the menu called it!) and while it was a bit thin for my liking, the flavor was ALL there. Furthermore, the chicken tenders were real juicy fresh cut chicken that was not greasy at all, well battered, and actually required a fork and knife to eat. They were THAT big. I had nothing bad I could really say about them, other then the price ($7.50), which I feel was a little high, but then again I paid for quality.

My actual meal was next, and I ordered what was supposed to be an "authentic Irish burger" called the Ulster Burger. I asked for it Medium. When I got it, I took a bit and quickly realized that it was most assuredly NOT medium. It was rare. This made me upset, mainly because I do not like rare burgers. However, I ate half of it and got fairly filled up. Also, the "imported Irish bacon" that came on the burger looked to me like a slab of ham. When I took it off the remaining half of the burger and ate it alone, all I could taste was salt. No actual bacon flavor. Just salt. The "chips" or fries as we Americans call em however were fantastic and saved the entree for me. I ate all of those, and our photographers chips as well.

Finally desert came. I, like Dan, ordered the "Fiddlers Favorite" which is apparently an Irish whiskey cake with walnuts and icing. It was fairly decent overall, however just like Dan mine had an issue with being dry as I got towards the outside edge of the cake.

All in all, Fiddlers Green was a decent pub and I personally intend to go back to give it another shot. However, next time it will be just me and Dan, and it will be in the evening so we can check out the live entertainment. Next time, I am gonna get the Shepard's Pie I think.

Ambiance/Style - Exceptional
Service - Adequate

Appetizer - 5
Entree - 3
Dessert - 4
Overall - 4 (Would Eat Again)

Dan's Review:

The food:
As an appetizer I had the chicken fingers. I got more than I expected. This chicken was juicy, steamy, and didn't have the "precut" look of the fingers you would encounter in most restaurants. It came with a dijon mustard sauce. I give it a 5 for surprising the heck out of me in a good way.

I had the Bangers and Mash next. These sausages were large and had a somewhat crispy outside, but they were easy to get past with a knife. The meat tasted like it was basted with beer in the cooking process, and it sat in a puddle of sauce that likely gave it the flavor I found in it. Next to these was a mound of flaky mashed potatoes dotted with chives, sweet caramelised pearl onions, and thick cuts of boiled carrot. If it had not been for the appetizer, I would have finished the whole plate in a sitting.(I took the rest of it home.) This dish gets a 5 because it made a repeat customer of me with all of its fantastic flavors.

The last thing I ordered was a cake slice called Fiddler's Favorite. It was soaked in what tasted like lemon syrup. The outside of it was frosted with the kind you'd find on silk pies. There was one thing that disappointed me. As I approached the end of it, the cake started to get dry. I give this dessert a 4, because if it had more syrup it would've been phenomenal.

The environment was very well done. Nothing was loud (subject to change because this is a pub.) Everything looked old with wooden trim and the only hint of modern tech was the dual flat screens in the other room. In the opposite side of the restaurant there were dartboards with scoreboards next to them. I was absorbed into a round of darts. Exceptional.

The waitress was intuitive enough that I never grasped for an empty cup of diet coke, and the dishes came promptly.At the beginning, we waited a couple of minutes and were asked to go ahead and take a seat anywhere in the restaurant. That also meant that I had to reach into the empty podium for menus. The service was Adequate

Ambiance/Style - Exceptional
Service - Adequate

Appetizer - 5
Entree - 5
Dessert - 4
Overall - 4.5

Photographers Comments:

Ambiance/Style - Exceptional
Service - Adequate

Appetizer - 5
Entree - 2
Dessert - 4
Overall - 3.5

Appetizer was the Wexford Wings, they were tasty and had a tangy sauce. Entree was Fish and Chips. Fish was tasteless and extremely greasy, chips were amazing. Dessert was the Bread Pudding which was real honest to god Bread Pudding. Service was alright but nothing special, style of the pub was a true classic pub.

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Appetizer: Tenders

Appetizer: Wings

Ulster Burger

Bangers and Mash

Fish and Chips

For more information, including a menu and directions, please visit the Fiddlers Green Website at: http://www.fiddlersgreenorlando.com/

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Ileana & Colin Thomas said...

Hiya, from the Cuban-America-Welsh gang at Graigwen, Pontypridd, Rhonda Merthyr Tydfil, Vale of Glamorgan in Sunny Wales.Danny and Clayton, this is a Lovely blog you two blokes have. Good Luck to you two and every one else in it....
Today's Tea, at home will be: Roasted Gammon Joint with roasted oven chips and egg.Leek soup and treakle pudding with hot custard.It's yummy.Cheers.