Sunday, September 21, 2008


In the beginning, the blog was void, and the spirit of Clay came down and said...LET THERE BE POSTS! Yes I know this is cheesy, but hey, it works right? Anyway, the name is Clay, and I am a Furious Foodie. What is a "furious foodie" you ask? Basically, I think of a Furious Foodie as a person who has never really explored the culinary world outside of their standard fare (in my case, fast food and chain restaurants) and is now furiously trying out various fare.

Thats what I am, and so is my friend Dan. Along with a friend of ours (who shall remain nameless but will contribute the photos) we are on a journey to explore the various types of cuisine we can find in the Greater Orlando area. I will probebly do most of the posting, I mean, what can I say? I am the more "bloggy" of the three of us.

Regardless, I hope you join us on our journey. Me and Dan are going to be posting our thoughts on each place that we go, along with pictures taken by my friend. Hopefully these reviews and photos will help other Orlando foodies find the "best in the best" in the world of food.


Our scoring system is going to be pretty basic. And in all honesty, what do you expect? Me and Dan are just a pair of normal guys, nothing fancy. I mean we do not have "refined" palates so you won't be hearing about how the salad had "the smokey note of hickory along with the pleasant aroma of almond" or anything like that. We are Critics for the People! If we like, I figured most people will.

In that vein, our scoring works as follows: 1-5 Score, 1 meaning "Nasty/Foul/Never Order Again" to 5 meaning "Supreme, Would love to eat, Recommend to All."

Further, we will rate the Ambiance/Style on a Pass Fail basis, as well as the Service. The ratings for those are Poor, Adequate, and Exceptional.

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